Acommodation and Program

Acommodation and Program

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Seitner Hof

Habenschadenstraße 4

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About us

After a short time of dancing west coast swing we, (Lisa, Austria and Ingo, Germany) have been already addicted to it. Since then we are trying to attend as many events as possible, to develop and improve our skills in our favourite hobby.

The very gentle WCS-Community all over the world makes having a blast and creating unforgettable memories as a Wandering Westie even easier. That’s why we wanted to create this very specific Event theme (Dips, Ducks and Dives – admit it: Those moves make the dance even smoother and cooler), to give something back to all of you.

Ingo who is called Robin in his Rockabilly Band Racecats started with the Tanzschule am deutschen Theater in the city of Munich and built up the Robins-Place for no other reason than to support westcoastswing 24 hours a day. 


We’ll keep it short, as it is our first own event…

But we hope you will join us by creating unforgettable memories, to fill this page from event to event.


Our main goal is to prevent injury when doing more advanced moves. We want you to improve in Dips, Ducks and Dives, because we think that these elements make this dance so amazing and special.

Motto: safety first 


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Acommodation and Program