Only full passes available.

The full pass includes:

  • 6 Workshops

  • 2 guided practicing classes, to train and improve the new learned skills with Marina and Xi

  • All you can drink and eat: water, juices, softdrinks, vegetables with dips, sandwiches, X-mas waffles

  • 27. Pre Silvester, Main Party

  • 28. Cool down, After party

      • Guided Training
      • Midnight laser show
      • Free entrance for all parties


We offer one level, which means we won’t have an audition. But please don’t overestimate yourself due to injuries as Dips, Ducks and Dives are a topic for more advanced dancers. You should meet at least the requirements for the WSDC Novice – Intermedite level. You should as well bring enough experience in dancing and a good physical condition to prevent yourself from injuries.

Clear basics are your standard and several whips are familiar to you.

Early duck price: 99,- Euro till 10.03.18


We offer discounts if you meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Early duck registration till 10.3.2018
  • Attendants of one of the following events: Wotp, Bavarian Open, US Open, The After Party, Hungarian Open, Budafest, 5280 Westival, Russian Open, Swingvester, Riga Summer Swing, Swing and Snow
  • If you have to travel more than 500km to join our event
  • Volunteers, who help us with approximately three hours of work in service, front desc, organisation

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