Marina Motronenko

At the age of 7 Marina Motronenko started doing calisthenics.  When she was 8 years old,  she began ballroom dancing for the next eight years where she reached a highly advance level and wanted to expand her dance interests.  She than began  jazz and classic choreography while performing in two dance teams at the same time for five years.  After dancing many styles of dances, she than returned back to ballroom dances in 2008 where she primarily focused on Hustle and WCS . Marina is prizewinner of many international competitions and top WCS dancers in Russia where she is teaching and helping her community  grow.  She is known for her charismatic personality and using her different dance experiences to help her students learn.

Xi Dünnhoff

Xi ist der erste deutschsprachige WCS All-Star Leader. Er hat seinen tänzerischen Ursprung im Standard/Latein. Dort hat er 10 Jahre lang Latein Turniere getanzt, bevor er sich auf die Social Tänze fokussierte. Über Salsa, Bachata und Kizomba, kam er schließlich zum West Coast Swing. Heute leitet er die tanzraum Tanzschulen ins Köln und bereist die West Coast Swing Welt als Lehrer und Turniertänzer.

Verena Guschal

Verena is a full time yoga and dance teacher who travelled the world to learn about bodywork, movement and body mechanics.  She is experienced in Jazz, Ballett, Modern, Contact Improvisation and various Swing dances but she has also a background in performing arts and Anatomy.

Thomas Bachmann

Thomas is a swing dance studio owner based in Augsburg, Germany. He has trained at the Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich for several years but his passion is swing dancing, including Lindy Hop, Balboa, Vintage Jazz and especially West Coast Swing. Besides swing he is fascinated by psychology and he is a trained hypnosis coach so you better not get sleepy during his classes ;)


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